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Riccar Vacuums in Drexel Hill, PA

Charisma — Noiseless fans in Drexel Hill, PA
Equipped with the compact power nozzle, the Charisma canister is truly a remarkable balance of power, size and versatility. While the cleaning performance of the Charisma canister demands attention, the 100% sealed HEPA filtration, vast array of convenience features and impressive warranty should not be overlooked.
Sunburst  — Noiseless fans in Drexel Hill, PA
With Performance HEPA™ filtration and numerous on-board tools, Riccar's Sunburst canister is sure to impress. This subcompact canister performs exceptionally to make quick work of a wide variety of cleaning tasks.
RSL3 — Noiseless fans in Drexel Hill, PA
Weighing in at only 8 pounds, the Riccar SupraLite provides the ultimate combination of cleaning power and ease. The RSL3 model features a HEPA bag for advanced filtration and the convenience of an on/off switch right at your finger tips. But don’t be fooled by its lightweight, the SupraLite’s power will rejuvenate your carpets by removing deeply embedded dirt. In fact, the Riccar SupraLite outcleans the leading 8 pound vacuum by almost 40%!
RSL1A — Noiseless fans in Drexel Hill, PA

• Motor Type: 5.5 amp
• Filtration: EcoPure
• Power Switch: On nozzle
• Wheel Type: Plastic
• Handle Grip: Rubber
• Headlight: Regular
• Cord Length: 30 feet
• Color: White
RSL5-SAND — Noiseless fans in Drexel Hill, PA
While beautiful on a beach, in your home sand is notorious for scratching bare floors and damaging carpet. The Sand Trap by Riccar effortlessly removes sand from all of your flooring surfaces and captures everything neatly inside the HEPA filtration vacuum bag. Weighing in at only eight pounds and with two-speed settings, The Sand Trap quickly transitions from bare floors to carpets and even to stairs. So whether it’s pulling sand that’s settled into the grout of your tile floor or removing deeply embedded sand from your ultra-plush carpet, no vacuum is better equipped for the task than The Sand Trap.
Vibrance Vacuum — Noiseless fans in Drexel Hill, PA